VIN CHIP technology helps Irish police identify £50K of stolen caravans

17, October 2023

VIN CHIP technology helps Irish police identify £50K of stolen caravans 

17 October 2023

VIN CHIP, the anti-theft identification system and multi-layered, technology-led security solution works with police and law enforcement teams across the UK and overseas to combat leisure vehicle crime.

In one recent operation with the Irish police force– £50,000 worth of stolen touring caravans were identified and successfully recovered.

VIN CHIP was launched in 2016 to better deter criminals from stealing touring caravans and help aid the identification and recovery.  If proof was needed that the technology is as relevant now as it was then, look no further than Ireland’s National Police and Security Services’ recent operation which successfully identified and recovered 5 stolen caravans in an operation in Co. Cork. Four of the caravans were stolen from the UK and one from Germany.

The UK caravans were identified using the VIN CHIP anti-theft system and the keeper details by logging into the CRiS (Central Registration & Identification Scheme) Secure Asset Register. Each of the caravan’s security markings had been tampered with and given false identities, but the advanced VIN CHIP scanners using the latest long-range RFID technology, assisted the Garda to quickly determine the units’ original identity.  Checks with the CRiS database confirmed they were stolen.

NCC's, VIN CHIP’s vehicle identification specialist who has over 30 years’ experience in vehicle crime prevention said: “This recovery operation is a great result for the Garda and for all involved, as not only was VIN CHIP and CRiS instrumental in the identification process, but the Garda team leading the operation also benefited from bespoke training delivered by us to identify stolen assets.”

The value of the recovered caravans highlights the importance of installing the very best anti-theft technology, not only to protect valuable, treasured assets but also to improve recovery and reunite the caravan with its owner.

Benefitting from market leading technology and established vehicle identification expertise, VIN CHIP is now expanding into other sectors where theft continues to be a major cause for concern of high value assets.


VIN CHIP is a multi-layered, technology-led security solution to deter criminals, protect assets and support the police to quickly identify the asset and the rightful ownership. The system was first introduced to combat leisure vehicle crime in 1998 and it has evolved to be the leading security and recovery system for the industry keeping theft at a minimum level.

VIN CHIP comes as standard on all new NCC Approved UK touring caravans manufactured since 2016, and some premium motorhomes and campervans. Each unique VIN is linked to the CRiS database (Central Registration & Identification Scheme).  VIN CHIP is an official SBD Police Preferred Specification accredited product and a principal member of the British Security Industry Association. Visit for more information.

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