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The NCC:
Schemes & Initiatives
Tuesday, 27 Jul 2021

The NCC - information about our schemes & initiatives


  • NCC Product Approval scheme - introduced for all NCC manufacturing members to create a consistent application of UK and European standards and regulations, supported by independent verification of compliance.

  • NCC Verified Product scheme - three registers of verified products: Verified Accessories, Verified Components and Verified Leisure Batteries.

  • Codes of Practice - recognising the opportunity, and the necessity, to better promote and protect members and to encourage improved consumer protection, the NCC has three self-regulated Consumer Code schemes, each with a Code of Practice at its heart.

    The schemes outline the commitments made by members to consumers and also provide advice to consumers to ensure a smooth transaction. The core code centres on marketing and advertising, sales advice and ordering, delivery, warranties and complaint handling. In addition, each code covers aspects unique to its respective sector:

      > NCC Approved Dealership - Tourer Sales scheme covers all key dealership activities relating to the sale of new and used tourers through to aftersales services.

      > NCC Approved Dealership - Motorhome Sales scheme covers all key dealership activities relating to the sale of new and used motorhomes through to aftersales services.

      > NCC Approved Holiday Home Distributor scheme covers agents of new and pre owned Caravan Holiday Homes offering a supply, aftersales, maintenance and warranty service to Park Owners and occasionally to the public direct. In addition, there are specific commitments in relation to showgrounds, preparation of holiday homes for sale and handover of the sited holiday home to the purchaser.

      > NCC Approved Holiday Park - Holiday Home Ownership scheme covers the purchase and sale of new and pre owned Caravan Holiday Homes, the licence agreement to occupy a pitch on a holiday park and the provision of warranty and maintenance services. In addition, there are specific commitments in relation to pricing information, pitch fees and other charges, changes in arrangements on a park, resale and/or removal of the Holiday Home and giving or bequeathing the Holiday Home to family members.


  • The Approved Workshop Scheme was introduced to create a standard for regular servicing of tourers and motorhomes, based on consistency and appropriate skills.

  • The Central Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS) was created to ensure all new tourers can be identified by a standard visible VIN, helping to increase security and reduce the incidence of theft. CRiS Check provides reassurance that a used pre-owned tourer is exactly as it appears, or, if not, enables an accurate picture of its history to be built by checking its provenance - protecting a customer's investment.

  • VIN Chip is a new industry standard in touring caravan identification. VIN Chip was launched as a theft deterrent and identification aystem for tourers to deter criminals and aid recovery. It is unique as it uses both visible and invisible markings containing a tourer's specific 17 digit VIN and is connected directly to the CRiS database.

  • TowCheck is an online tool that helps ensure a car and touring caravan combination is safe and legal to use on UK and European roads. Search using a Vehicle's Registration Mark (VRM) for a personalised report, giving a consumer peace of mind before making a purchase.

  • NCC Training Academy is the professional development centre for the caravan industry. A unique initiative which provides people and businesses with an exciting and comprehensive access point for mandatory, technical and management training for their sector.

  • Freedom to Go is an industry promotional campaign to entice a younger demographic to consider a leisure vehicle, widening the pool of possible customers for the industry. Members can get involved from supporting journalist product trials to collaborating on blog content.

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