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About the NCC
Tuesday, 16 Aug 2022

Representing reputable businesses


The NCC was established more than 75 years ago (1939) as the UK trade body representing the collective interests of four product sectors - tourer, motorhome and caravan holiday home (leisure products) and residential park homes. Whilst the roots of the industry lie in the early half of the nineteenth century it has developed significantly and now makes a more than £6 billion per year contribution to the UK economy, employs in excess of 100,000 people and serves over 1.7 million caravanners and motorhomers.

We are a not for profit trade association - a membership organisation with a clear vision and mission, unique in that we represent companies throughout the supply chain of each sector:-

  • Manufacturers of tourers, motorhomes, caravan holiday homes and residential park homes
  • Retail dealers of tourers and motorhomes
  • Distributors of caravan holiday homes
  • Holiday and residential park operators
  • Suppliers of components, appliances and accessories
  • Specialist service providers to the industry

We work with our members to ensure that the industry delivers high quality products and services and treats customers fairly.

NCC is governed by a Board of Directors and is managed by the Directorate based in Aldershot.

We listen to our consumers through close contact with organisations such as The Caravan & Mototorhome Club, the Camping and Caravanning Club, National Association of Caravan Owners and park home residents’ associations, who represent the interests of owners - their comments are essential in developing our work programmes.

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