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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Protect your investment

CRiS - essential security protection for a tourer

CRiS is the Central Registration & Identification Scheme, owned by the NCC. It is the national register of UK manufactured tourers and consists of two elements:
1. Caravan registration (similar to the DVLA for cars)
2. VIN Chip : with its unique VIN identification (visible - tamper-evident labels - and invisible markings).

All new tourers built by NCC member manufacturers since 1992 are recorded on the CRiS database. The VIN and caravan description are recorded on the Tourer Registration Document which is sent by CRiS to the registered keeper of the caravan.
CRiS Check will identify if a caravan has outstanding finance or if it has been written off.
VIN Chip is police traceable and can reveal the true identity if a tourer is stolen.
VIN Chip Plus offers internal and removable item additional marking.

VIN Chip has been adopted by all NCC Member tourer manufacturers for their 2016 models but it can also be installed in pre-2016 tourers to enhance existing CRiS protection. For more info call the dedicated CRIS number on: 0203 282 1000 or find out more at: www.cris.co.uk

Read the CRiS leaflet for more info.

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