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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

On a Park

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The NCC is actively involved in promoting the interest of its member organisations through a number of strategic projects across the four industry sectors.

NCC Industry Consumer Codes of Practice

Recognising the opportunity, and indeed the necessity, to better promote and protect members and encourage improved consumer protection, the NCC has recently been accelerating activities towards the introduction of new self-regulatory Industry Consumer Code Schemes, each with a Code of Practice at its heart.

To find out more about the individual Codes of Practice, choose from the links below:

Energy Efficiency Grading Scheme to launch at the Lawns 2012

Manufacturers have agreed that the Energy Efficiency Grading Scheme for park homes and caravan holiday homes will launch at the Lawns show in September 2012. The NCC met with manufacturers from around the country to devise a strategy to take this initiative forward. Together it was agreed read more

NCC Approval Schemes

Product Approval Scheme

All NCC manufacturing members have their products certified by the NCC to ensure they are safe and compliant with British and European Standards and UK regulations.

The NCC work very closely with members to accommodate the changing markets and legalities surrounding the four industry sectors, and will continue to do so throughout 2012.

100% of NCC manufacturing members participate in The NCC Product Approval Scheme.

Each approved product carries this badge:

Read more about the Product Approval Scheme

NCC Industry Shows

2011 saw the launch of the two biggest industry shows, run by the industry (NCC Events) for the industry.

The first show, The Motorhome and Caravan Show launched at NEC Birmingham, Oct 2011, was an unprecedented success.


The first London Show, The Motorhome, Caravan and Camping Show runs for the first time for one week only from 14th February 2012.


Residential Park Home Registration and Identification Scheme

2012 will see the pilot launch of a Caravan Holiday Home Registration & Identification Scheme. It will operate in a similar way to the DVLA for cars, providing the benefit of a registration document and a record of the keeper of the caravan.

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NCC Industry Shows

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