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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

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NCC statement: passengers must not travel in towed vehicle
Published on 30/04/2015

The NCC, the trade association for the caravan industry, has issued a statement, clarifying the situation regarding travelling in a towed vehicle. The statement comes in the wake of this week’s episode of Panorama which shows journalist Richard Bacon interviewing Nate Silver in a towed vehicle while ‘on a road trip around the country’.

Tim Booth, consultant to the NCC, and a member of NaVCIS, which trains and supports police officers across the UK and Europe, said: ‘To travel in a towed vehicle is unlawful and unsafe - potentially dangerous. The vehicle combination shown in the programme would have failed a number of routine checks if stopped by police. The film shows serious offences – passengers not wearing seat belts, no towing mirrors to safely see around the towed vehicle (£50 fine per mirror), hogging the centre lane of a motorway… that alone is potentially three penalty points and £100 fine.

‘It is unfortunate that BBC have chosen to interview in this way. Even if it was computer generated imagery, it is perilous because viewers could assume this was a lawful and acceptable way to travel.'

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