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Thursday, 22 Oct 2020

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Mobile Homes Act 2013 site licensing - Fee Guidance
Published on 03/03/2014

One of the changes that the Mobile Homes Act 2013 brings is a new licensing scheme, in force in England on 1st April 2014.

This enables local authorities (LAs) to monitor site licence compliance more effectively and gives them the tools to take enforcement action where owners are not managing/maintaining their sites and services.

From 1st April, local authorities will be able to charge fees for:.

  • 1 - considering applications for the issue or transfer of a site licence
  • 2 - considering applications for altering conditions in a site licence
  • 3 - administration and monitoring of site licences.
  • The fee for 3) is an annual one and must be published in the LA’s Fees Policy document. Fees must be transparent and reasonable.

    -Licensing Fee Guidance

    -Licensing Fee Guidance Summary

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