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Thursday, 29 Oct 2020

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Tourism VAT Debate in Parliament Next Week
Published on 06/02/2014

We have been advised that Vernon Hunte Campaign Manager for ‘Cut Tourism VAT’ campaign has managed to secure an Adjournment Debate on Tourism VAT in Parliament next Tuesday (11th).

This is possibly the first time that Tourism VAT (outside the notable and successful debate on VAT on caravan holiday homes in 2012) has been the focus of a parliamentary debate, and will allow arguments and evidence to be presented to Government by those in support.

To increase support for the debate we are asking members to contact their MPs that are supportive of the tourism industry to urge them to attend.

Below is a set of templates that can be used to invite MPs as well as a copy of the latest VAT briefing and an info graphic comparing VAT on holidays in the UK and France.

View: Suggested invite to MPs.

View: Cut Tourism VAT briefing.

View: Cut Tourism VAT Info Graphic.

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